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October 9th, 1998- Children Taken from Pagan Home

I got this information from a Pagan Emailing List that I on...pleez pay attention and do yor best to help-
we MUST stop these injustices NOW...

Last night, October 5, 1998, Norwich Police and State of Connecticut
Department of Children and Families social workers broke into my home 
with a court order to take my 2 children, ages 11 and 5, into custody.  
My crime? I am a Native American activist, and have been for over 10 years.  
I stood with War Chief Moonface Bear at Golden Hill Paugeesuq Reservation in 1993 
when he held off the State of CT over economic development on the reservation.  
I had the privilege to be his Public Relations representative, and his friend.  
This makes me a danger to my children, according to the state.  I am a known 
AIM member, and I help out with local food drives for elders, etc., as well 
as lobbying the state government regarding Native issues.

Last night at 8:30 p.m.(EDT) the police, in plain clothes, with guns 
drawn, forced open my front door, accompanied by DCF workers.  (According to 
them, since we're Native {and AIM} , we're presumed to be heavily armed) I was
assaulted by Officer Douglas Morello, badge # 64, when I tried to reach 
my children who were screaming for help.  My daughter,age 11,  who 
naturally did not recognize the officers as being pokice (all she saw was plain 
clothes and guns) tried to close her bedroom door.  The door was kicked out of her 
hand and she was forced down by 2 officers, who then conducted a search of 
her room (please note, they did not have a search warrant).  My fiance was 
ordered to lay down on the floor, face down.  He complied, and then Lt. Robert Aldi 
(no badge #) held a gun to his head and told him not to move or "I'll blow 
your f**king balls off".  The other officers then conducted an illegal search 
of the house (remember, no warrant). My fiance, Mykal Avery, and family 
friend Ryan Ward (who happens to be the son of Norwich Police Sergeant Franklin 
Ward) were held at gunpoint until the children were removed from the house.  
Officer Morello twisted my right arm and prevented me from getting to my 
children.  We were on the staircase, and he pushed me backwards.  I caught myself on 
the railing to keep from falling down the stairs, twisting my arm further 
and injuring my back.  (Please note that I am 6 1/2 months pregnant, and the
officers were aware of that before they got here.)  The court order has no
judge's signature, although the Lt. Aldi informed me that the judge in
question is Judge Susan Handey, Norwich Superior Court, 860-886-0144.  
Police officers involved are Lt. Robert Aldi, Officer F. John Papparelli, Det. 
Al Costa,Occier Pat Dailey, and Officer Douglas Morello (this is the one 
that assaulted me).  The Norwich Police Department phone # is 860-886-5561.
The social workers, led by Richard Days, grabbed my son  (age 5) from 
his bed, screaming and crying for me, and brought him downstairs.  My daughter  
was led down by another worker.  I was asked to "calm them down" so the workers 
could "do thier jobs".  (Same excuse the Gestapo gave - "we're just following
orders")  The workers would not back off and let me speak to the children to
try to calm them down - they kept trying to grab them away from me.  I 
was ordered to "get their things together", so I went upstairs (followed by 
DCF and cops) to pack overnight bags for the kids.  The children were then 
taken from the house and put in a state car, with 2 workers.  They were taken 
to a foster home, and I have not been allowed contact with them as yet. 

Background information on the case:  My daughter filed molestation and 
assault charges against her biological father, John Kaminski, on October 31, 
1997.  I had already filed for divorce against him in July of 1997, after he 
assaulted me.  He is a former Norwich Police officer, and is from a wealthy and
politically connected family.  He arranged for friends of his to file 
false charges against me with DCF after my daughter's charges against him 
(sexual assault, assault, etc.) were dropped by Prosecutor John Pannone, Norwich
Superior Court, 860-889-5824 or 860-443-2835, for "lack of evidence" - 
this despite police reports, DCF reports substantiating the abuse, and
psychological reports verifying that she was molested.  (Can you say coverup?)
He then filed these charges against me in retaliation.  I have a court date on
October 13, 1998, at the Connecticut Superior Court for Juvenile Matters, 869
Norwich -New London Tpke., Uncasville CT, 06382, phone # 860-848-9213.  
We need supporters there. Please email,, or for more info and directions.  

Social workers involved are Elizabeth Mahiney, Richard Days, Randy Snow, 
Kyle Parkinson, and Cindy Tutrone; all can be reached at 860-886-2641.  

Please help us; we need all the supporters we can get.  If this can happen to
us, it can happen to anyone; it could happen to you next.  Keep this in 
mind the next time you hug your kids.                            

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