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I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this page- if not for some sort of amazing enlightenment purpose, for entertainment and for learning about the Old Relgion, Wicca. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to either sign my guestbook or email me- I promise to write back to you as soon as my oh-so-busy schedule allows =)...thanks again for coming! May you walk in light and love!

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If you are interested having me link your page, be it about anything, just email me the URL and I will add it to my list as soon as I get a chance =)

Beanfire! : this is the official webpage of my celtic/irish trad/contemporary folk/tribal/pagan music band, Beanfire (pronounced BONfire, as "bean" is the gaelic word for womyn)- please visit!
Izolda's Page: this is a really neat page, created by the amazing =) Izolda- all about Wicca, the Tarot, and many other aspects of her life...very well created as well as enjoyable
Sheridann: this is a really creative and well created page, in the form of a mystical town called Sheridann...has info on Arianrhod, the goddess who inspired this page...go check it out! =)
Starhawk's Homepage: created by the goddess that is Starhawk, this page has everything you could possibly want as related to Wiccan and other spiritual factors of life- it is a wondeful page, very much worth visiting...
PixelWitch: this is a really neat page, where i got several of my graphics...
Purple Pages: Pagan/WIccan graphics: yet another fabulous Pagan/Wiccan graphics page
Witches-Brew Birthday Club: this is a really neat page, dedicated to helping ppl find others with the same birthday...very kewl!
Pagan Graphics: one more really fabulous Pagan/Wiccan graphics page- has a good selection of faeries and other mystical creatures...
Moon Fire Coven: this is the homepage of the amazing Internet-based Moon Fire Coven, run by an absolutely wonderful woman known as Kali- if you are interested in Wicca, you should definitely visit this page and make a home for yourself amongst all of the kind, fabulous people who also reside there- as a member, and also as a net-browser, I strongly recommend this page =)
Jenn Knight's Wicca Page!: this is a really really kewl page, created by a wonderous woman named Jennifer- lots of Wicca information, as well as on Chinese Astrology and more- lots of kewl links, too! very very reccomended =)

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