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I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this page- if not for some sort of amazing enlightenment purpose, for entertainment and for learning about the Old Relgion, Wicca. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to either sign my guestbook or email me- I promise to write back to you as soon as my oh-so-busy schedule allows =)...thanks again for coming! May you walk in light and love!

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Who AM I?

Greetings! If you are here, reading this, you are probably looking to find out information about the creator (webmistress?) of this page. So... I suppose I should start this with zee basics. Hi! I'm Aurora. I am 16, and if you are someone going by that scary binary gender system...thing...I am very much so female (not to say intensely feminine, just...female). I am also very much so lesbian, altho I have only recently officially declared such. Originally, I could see myself as simply "open," as to say that if I were to find myself in love with a girl...which happens WAY too often for the bisexual thing to stay around...then I would definitely pursue the fact, equally for if I were to find myself in love with a guy. This no longer occurs (this COULD be because I am so incredibly much in love with my robin...but I prefer to equate that with good taste =)). I think its been long enough since I've been even remotely attracted to a biological guy for me to rule that out as a possibility- altho if for some reason I was, I wont squelch it. As for sexual attraction, I find pretty much everyone attractive in some way...altho i think given a choice, Goddess knows I find the female body 10 bazillion times more attractive on so many Whatever. I hate having to use labels...but if it makes you feel better, I AM LESBIAN! HEAR ME ROAR!
Lets see...what else....oh yes. I am a strong follower of the Wiccan faith, and have recently (ok like, a couple of years ago) declared myself a Dianic, or Femynist, Wiccan. I practice as a solitary, for many reasons- partly because Goddess knows there are not many Dianic Circles around here, partly because most Circles dont accept those under 18, but mostly because I enjoy writing my own rituals and practicing how I desire. Yes....hmmm what else? OHHHHH yes. I am a vegan (AKA one of those WaCkY ppl who eat/use NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS whatsoever- no eggs, meat, dairy, fish, poultry, get the idea)...and I LOVE 311!!!! THEY ARE THE GREATEST BAND EVER!!!!!! *laughing* In case you have never heard of 311...they are amazing. They are an alternative/hard rock/reggae/rap band, with incredibly powerful lyrics and infectious sounds...the greatest...wanna know more? Check out my 311 page, The Beautiful Disaster! I also adore Sarah McLachlan (my goddess), Fiona Apple, TOOL!!!!!!, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, The 2 Skinnee Js, The Urge, the Guano Apes, Jamiroquai, Stabbing Westward, TRACY BONHAM!!!!!, NIN, Garbage (*drool* shirley manson...ahhh...), Candlebox, the Crystal Method, Dead Can Dance, Libana, Clannad, ORGY, the Prodigy...and the list continues. Mostly alternative/some hard shit/female vocals stuff but I also like reggae...and classic rock (the Grateful Dead...i was lucky enuf to be Blessed with a Dead-head mother who took me and my sister to several Dead shows =)...Joan Jett...the Eurythmics...and the list goes on). I think music is definitely one of those major factors that control my life- I am a 1st soprano in the Women's Choir at my high skewl (Eleanor Roosevelt, baby!), and I love playing the Celtic harp and the bodhran, which would be a Celtic drum...(speaking of which, im in a BAND now! we're called Beanfire- its a small, 3-female-member Celtic band, in which i sing and play the bodhran...interested in learning more or booking us for a gig? go here: the Official Beanfire page! ).
<3 <3 <3 I have the bestest gyrlfriend in the whole wide world. <3 <3 <3
I WANNA GET MY NOSE PIERCED! I have NO idea what it is, but I have had this intense desire to do it...since I was 6 *silly grin*. Anyone who tells me this is one of those phase-y things that teenagers go thru to "rebel against society" should be tied up. I think everyone should walk around completely naked. I if think all psycho ex-relationship type people that have caused more pain than joy were locked up 2gether in a room with enuf stuff to last them all a lifetime, unable to leave, they would eventually, after having sex with eachother, kill eachother off. The same goes for adults and ignorant asshole people. Yes, I AM insane.

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