September 16th- The Day that Giles Corey was Killed

September 16th is the anniversary of the 1st death in Salem- that of the innocent man Giles Corey.
Corey was, I believe, in his late 70s, and was killed by pressing by rocks simply because he would not
say yes or no to his inquisitors about whether or not his already murdered wife was a Witch. He was one of the 19 so-called Witches
brutally murdered during the Witch Craze in Salem, which was one of the smaller phases of the anti-Witch
movement that began in Europe. During the entire Witch Craze, over 9 million humans and animals were
slaughtered, simply for being who they were- innocents. May the pain and suffering caused by this tragic
phase come to a quick and painless end, and never begin again- by Goddess grace, so mote it be...
(to learn more about the Witch Craze, GO HERE )

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